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V3 attenuator & controller

Electronic stepped attenuation

An overview of traditional mechanical stepped attenuation and how the ePot.V3 provides a newer and better electronic version of stepped volume control.

ePot.V3 operation & control

Operation and control of the ePot.V3 stepped attenuator & preamp controller (both the Max and Mini)

Apple remote pairing

Remote pairing is a process that “teaches” your Tortuga preamp the ID number of  your Apple (or legacy Tortuga remote)...

ePot.V3 Max hardware manual

Describes the physical hardware and installation of the ePot.V3 Max (the "V3" or "Max"  ) electronic stepped attenuator & remote controlled preamp controller

ePot.V3 Max commissioning

Commissioning information for setting up a new or replacement ePot.V3 Max board

ePot.V3 Mini hardware manual

About this manual This document primarily describes the physical hardware and installation of the ePot.V3 Mini (the “Mini”  ) panel...

ePot.V3 firmware updating

Instructions and firmware files for updating the firmware for the V3 series of stepped attenuators and preamp coantrollers

ePot.V3 Max balanced audio

Overview As of June 2021 and release of firmware version 2.2.3 or above, the V3 Max electronic stepped attenuator &...

OLED display assembly

The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display assembly combines a 3.2 inch, 256 x 64 pixel OLED graphic screen with a custom adapter board, a rotary encoder, and an infrared receiver module to create an integrated OLED display assembly for Tortuga Audio's LDR stepped attenuator and preamp controllers.
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