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LDR attenuator & preamp controller
Interactive OLED display
Solid state buffer
For passive & active preamps
We sell to DIYers & OEMs

ePot.V3 Max side view
ePot.V3 Max preamp controller & LDR stepped attenuator

Integrated preamp controller
Remote controlled
100 step LDR attenuation
Plug-in LDR module with built-in calibration
Menu driven OLED display
Input switcher | 6 stereo channels
Single-ended or balanced audio

Since 2012

sspb.v2 solid state buffer - side view
SSPB.V2 solid state buffer

Single-ended active 2-stage buffer
OpAmp input | Discrete JFET output
Can be run direct or AC coupled
Kit or assembled/tested
Combine with ePot.V3 Max for active preamp

ePot.V3 Mini side view with LDR module
ePot.V3 Mini preamp controller & LDR stepped attenuator

Replaces volume pot or mechanical attenuator
Remote controlled
100 step LDR attenuation
Plug-in LDR module | no built-in calibration
Menu driven OLED display
Single input only
Single-ended audio only

DIY preamp technology that’s actually fun to listen to

Second only to speakers, preamplifiers & buffers have arguably the greatest impact on the overall sound quality of your high performance audio system. The #1 job of every preamp is volume control. Truth is, volume control is not benign. You are literally reducing the energy content of the audio signal and dumping that energy to ground. Like any valve letting down pressure, how you do this can have a significant impact on the sound quality of the resulting audio signal. At Tortuga Audio we have been working on alternative technology to control volume for 10+ years and are proud to offer unique preamp controllers/attenuators and related products that are truly a joy to listen to. Whether you’re a DIY’er or an OEM, I invite you to give our products a try and discover the difference that our customers have been enjoying for many years.

Morten Sissener | Founder – Engineer


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