LDR3B Balanced Passive Preamp - Front & Rear Views

LDR3B Balanced Passive Preamp – Final Update (9.1.14)

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UPDATE – 9.1.14    The LDR3B is now the LDRxB and was released on September 1st, 2014.  More info on the LDRxB can be found here.

Maturing & Evolving LDRx Technology

Software is a core part of our hybrid digital/analog passive preamp design and has undergone continuous improvement over the past year. However, the most significant evolution has been the HiZ (high impedance) control algorithm that we rolled out in the 4th quarter of 2013.

Our HiZ algorithm represents a true paradigm shift in how LDRs are used for audio attenuation. HiZ means a shift in focus to matching left/right channel attenuation (dB levels) rather than the traditional indirect approach of simply matching LDR resistance characteristics. More importantly, HiZ means controlling input impedance at or above a minimum level which is essential to capturing the full dynamic content of the audio signal.

The result is improved audio performance with a fuller, richer mid-range, stronger bass, punchier dynamics, and improved stereo sound stage/imaging. All while retaining the exceptionally open, neutral, and articulate clarity that LDR preamps are known for.

All of these improvements will be manifested in the LDR3B.

Modular Upgrade-able Design Approach

The LDR3B has been designed to allow for key components to be upgraded or replaced as our LDRx technology continues to evolve into the future. This modular approach will substantially mitigate the forced obsolescence inherent in most traditional audio equipment thus making your investment in the LDR3B an even wiser choice.

For example, imagine if in a year or two we were to come out with an improved preamp controller board design with highly desirable new features and improved performance. Or a new visual display module capable of improving the user experience of owning and using the LDR3B.

Our modular design approach gives the audio enthusiast the option of upgrading the LDR3B at a fraction of the cost of buying a whole new unit.

LDR3B Passive Preamp - Side View

And since our preamps are software driven, tweaks and upgrades are inevitable. Currently, we do this by replacing the microcontroller chip. Starting with the LDR3B, software can be updated via email and a USB connection between the LDR3B and a PC laptop.

New Look & Feel

Wood and metal. Most musical instruments have both. So why not your audio gear?

All of our second generation finished audio products will sport the new look and feel of carbonized bamboo with black anodized aluminum. 

Plus the LDR3B will also have dual channel numerical displays that are effectively invisible when the unit is off. 

Future options may include alternative woods as well as a silver front panel and possibly an all silver model.

And in keeping with the modular approach, why not be able to change the enclosure components down the road if you decide one day that you prefer the look of rosewood rather than bamboo? Why not indeed! 

Two Balanced Models

The LDR3B will be offered in two models, the LDR3B and the LDR3B+

LDR3B   The LDR3B base model will be fully balanced with 3 balanced (XLR) inputs and 2 parallel balanced (XLR) outputs.

LDR3B+   The “plus” model will have 2 balanced inputs plus 1 single-ended input. And instead of 2 balanced outputs, one of the outputs will be a single-ended (unbalanced) output. Both outputs, whether derived from a balanced or unbalanced input, will carry the same output signal. Many of our customers have asked for this mixed signal type flexibility.

The unbalanced input will be converted to a balanced signal internally via transformers and attenuated as a balanced signal.

The LDR3B+ will have a higher price point than the base LDR3B.

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