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New LDR300x.V3 Preamp (Active & Passive) Released September 2020

September 2020 Update   

We are pleased to announce the release of our newest model LDR300x.V3 preamp.  This single-ended (RCA) model is available as either a passive or active version. The LDR300x.V3 preamp replaces both our  long running LDR3.V25 Passive Preamp  and also reintroduces an updated version of our short-lived LDR300.V25 Buffered Preamp that was discontinued in early 2019.   

A lower cost approach

The LDR300x.V3 preamp reflects over a year and a half of design optimization efforts aimed at both updating our core technology while simplifying the overall design of the prior models with the goal of significantly reducing their cost without compromising performance.  The result is an affordable flexible model that can be purchased as either a passive or active preamp. Another result is a  lighter more compact  preamp occupying 30% less total volume.  We further reduced costs by replacing an expensive aluminum front panel that required  complex machining with a simple yet attractive dark acrylic lens. Last but not least we employed lower cost RCA jacks that do not require time consuming point-to-point hand wiring. 

 Outstanding value 

The result is an attractive, flexible, high performance preamp that delivers high-end sound quality at an aggressive price point that won’t bust your budget.  If  your system is suitable for a passive preamp (most are!) you’ll find the passive version of the LDR300x.V3 preamp to be a fantastic value with sound quality rivaling preamps at 10x the price. The active version of the LDR300x.V3 preamp has a gloriously musical sound quality with enhanced dynamics that will absolutely delight the most  critical audiophile listener. 

Next generation LDR technology

The LDR300x.V3 preamp is our first preamp to employ our newest ePot.V3 Max Electronic Stepped Attenuator and Preamp Controller. The ePot.V3 Max is our most advanced and best sounding preamp attenuator/controller yet with ultra-smooth 100 step attenuation, precision closed loop LDR current control, 16 bit DAC, and 32 bit ARM controller. 

Flexible module design

The “x” in the LDR300x.V3 preamp model name represents the fleXibility of this model which is being offered as either a passive preamp with no additional gain and/or buffer stages, or as an active preamp with an adjustable high fidelity op amp gain stage followed by a robust JFET buffer stage providing powerful current gain.  

Flexibility is also reflected in the modular design approach in which the preamp controller board, buffer board, input/output interface board and the OLED display board are all plug-n-play removable  and replaceable.  If and when improved or alternative versions become available in the future, the user  can open up the LDR300x.V3 by removing only 4 screws to access the internals and exchange any of the major components without sending the unit back to our facility for upgrading or servicing. 

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