ePot.V3 Max front view

Improved V3 Max Electronic Stepped Attenuator

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May 2021 – We are pleased to announce the Rev B update to our ePot.V3 Max electronic stepped attenuator & preamp controller. The Max was originally introduced 9 months earlier in September 2020 and is Tortuga Audio’s flagship attenuator/controller for its line of passive and active LDR preamps.

V3 Max VersionRev ARev BRev C
Release DateSept 2020May 20211Q2022
DC-DC power boardBased on a design by Texas InstrumentsSimpler, more robust, more efficient, quieter design by Tortuga AudioSame design as Rev B but power board eliminated and parts moved on to main board.
Minimum load resistorNegative 5 volt minimum load resistor for stabilityDeleted, no longer required. same as Rev B
3.3 volt power capacitorSmall - ceramic. Added larger electrolytic storage capacitor to ensure stable supply during any transients same as Rev B
Mono modeYesNo - removed the mono mode switch to eliminate any possibility of channel cross talk during normal operationsame as Rev B
Part ChangesBaselineRemoved: U31 & R11
Relocated: S1, S2, R6 & R7
Added: C13
Replaced: Power board (located on underside of main board)
Deleted the S1/S2 boot/reset switches

The version B update replaces the original power board on the V3 Max power board with a more robust, quieter and efficient design. This updated power board is also being incorporated in the smaller V3 Mini electronic stepped attenuators going forward. All changes are summarized in the table below.

In addition to the hardware changes, we’ve been busy refining the firmware including adding some new control features that allows the user to further customize how the preamp controller behaves.

The updated Rev B V3 Max stepped attenuator is the cornerstone of our new LDR3000x.V3 line of preamps that we will are just now starting to roll out.

We believe the ePot.V3 Max is the best sounding combined electronic stepped attenuator and preamp controller available today. With this latest revision, the best just keeps getting better.

An electronic stepped attenuator & preamp controller

The Max is an electronic alternative to a mechanical potentiometer or stepped attenuator that offers advantages that no mechanical attenuator can match.

In addition to being a better stepped attenuator for volume control, the V3 Max is also a complete preamp controller that includes, but is not limited to, the functionality listed below.

ePot.V3 Max side view
ePot.V3 Max with installed LDR attenuation module
  • Smooth stepped attenuation | 100 steps | no switching artifacts
  • Fully remote controlled | using the Apple remote
  • Also controllable via front panel volume control knob
  • Integrated with high contrast white-on-black OLED display with menu driven control menu
  • Switch between up to 6 stereo input sources
  • Adjust channel balance | +/- 12 dB | 20 steps @ 0.6 dB/step
  • Adjust display brightness
  • Select display timeout
  • Adjust input impedance | up to 10 settings between 1k and 99k | 20k by default
  • Run off-line calibration of the plug-in replaceable LDR attenuation module
  • Select the number of current input devices (from 1 to 6)
  • Select volume transition/ramping behavior during muting and input switching
  • Choose between channel balance and input switching as secondary control function
  • Show volume in #steps or in dB’s
  • Set the maximum allowable initial volume on power-up and when switching inputs
  • Enable/disable muting relay feature of attached active buffer board
  • Update firmware

The current control menu and associated control action/views are listed below. These menu items/controls are each explained in detail in our online product documentation for the V3.

epot.V3.Max control menu - rev 2.2.0
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