Light Dependent Resistors

Top 5 Reasons To Choose LDR Passive Preamps

1 – Better Conductor of Music Preamps are, first and foremost, devices for controlling volume. 99%+ of all preamps do this by throttling the audio signal through some type of mechanical device made with resistive materials. Devices like a potentiometer (worst) or stepped attenuator (better). The unfortunate reality is the materials in these devices, together …. Read More >>

Plug-in LDR Module

The Evolution of LDR Volume Control

LDR Volume Control  There’s growing recognition within the community of audio enthusiasts (a.k.a. audiophiles) that LDRs (light dependent resistors) deliver the best sounding volume control technology available today. Over the past 5 years, Tortuga Audio has been leading the charge to evolve and perfect LDR based volume control. In Q2 2017 Tortuga Audio released its …. Read More >>

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