LDR3 Passive Preamp - Front, side and rear views

LDR3 Replaces LDR1 | LDR6 Price Reduction

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LDR3 Passive Preamp - Front, side and rear views

LDR3: Based on input from current and prospective customers, we are retiring the LDR1 effective immediately and replacing it with the LDR3. The LDR3 is our “Goldilocks” passive preamp. Not too few inputs like the LDR1 and not too many like the LDR6. Just right with 3 inputs & 2 outputs.

Pricing: We are  pleased to be offering the LDR3 at the same price as the LDR1 – $1195. We will continue to offer the higher input capacity LDR6  with its 3 additional inputs and only a single output. In keeping with the improved price to value of the LDR1 we are pleased to be offering the LDR6 at the now reduced price point of $1295.

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