LDR1B.V2 balanced passive preamp

LDR1B.V2 Balanced Passive Preamp Released

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Single Input Balanced Passive Preamp

March 15, 2015 – Tortuga Audio is pleased to release the LDR1B.V2 Balanced Passive Preamp. The LDR1B.V2 is the latest model in our LDR (light dependent resistor) based passive preamp product line and is our second model offering attenuation for balanced audio.

LDR3.V2 passive preamp front panel closeup

Unlike its more expensive big brother, the LDRxB, the LDR1B.V2 has only a single XLR input with dual (parallel) XLR outputs. It uses the same  smaller enclosure design as our LDR3.V2 model which also runs on an external regulated linear power supply.

As a single input preamp, the LDR1B.V2 has no input switching device in the audio signal pathway. Audio signal wiring is point-to-point with optional Cardas Gold XLR jacks (as shown) and Neotech ultrapure continuous cast silver wire. Dual parallel balanced outputs facilitate bi-amping or separate main and subwoofer amps.

light dependent resistor gif

Like all of our preamps, the LDR1B.V2 is built around the V2.1 version of our LDR3x preamp controller board which utilizes light dependent resistors (LDR’s) for exceptional audio quality.

The audiophile community is slowly but surely recognizing that Tortuga Audio’s LDR based passive preamps represent one of the best values today in high performance audio.

Simply put, Tortuga Audio LDR attenuation surpasses all other volume control technologies including potentiometers, stepped attenuators and transformers and, as a passive preamp, outperforms practically all active preamps regardless of price.

You can find out more about the LDR1B.V2 Passive Preamp here.

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