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Tortuga Audio to Release LDRx & LDRxB Passive Preamps

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LDRx and LDRxB Passive Preamps

The LDRx & LDRxB were released in the fall of 2014.

More info on the LDRx can be found here.

New LDRxB Balanced Passive Preamp

After an epic gestation period, we are pleased to announce the imminent release of our first balanced LDR passive preamp – the LDRxB.  The LDRxB Balanced Passive Preamp is for the discriminating audiophile looking to take their system to the next level that only LDRs and balanced audio can offer.

The LDRxB is our official product name for what we had been referring to for some time now as our LDR3B.  Why the name change? We decided that our prior practice of putting numbers in the preamp name (LDR1, LDR3 & LDR6)  indicating the number of inputs no longer properly reflected the flexibility of the new design. Or our ability and willingness to work with customers who seek customized options.

The baseline LDRxB has 3 balanced XLR inputs and 2 balanced XLR outputs. It also has 1 unbalanced RCA input and 1 unbalanced RCA output. The RCA input will share internal connections such that only XLR input #3A or the RCA input #3B can be connected but not both simultaneously.  All balanced-unbalanced signal conversions are handled internally via transformers to maintain optimal audio quality.

Unbalanced LDRx Passive Preamp to Replace the LDR3 & LDR6

In addition to the new balanced LDRxB, we are also announcing the upcoming release of the unbalanced LDRx. The LDRx will replace our current line of LDR3 & LDR6 Passive Preamps.

As recent as a month ago, replacing the LDR3 and LDR6 models wasn’t going to happen until much later this year. But as the final design of the LDRxB came together, releasing an unbalanced version became too obvious to delay. As soon as we realized this, we began intercepting orders for our LDR3 and LDR6 and converting them into pre-orders for the successor LDRx even though this meant several weeks delay in delivery for those customers.

The baseline LDRx comes with 3 RCA inputs and 2 RCA outputs. It can also be ordered with optional 4, 5 or 6 inputs. The 6 input version only has 1 RCA output.

Planned Release Date

We are working hard to meet a planned release date of July 31st (this year!) which,  as I write this, is now only a little more than 3 weeks away;  admittedly a bit aggressive given all that’s left to accomplish before then.

The guidance we’re giving customers who have already signed up for the new models is 3-5 weeks which puts the release date as far out as mid-August.

The single biggest variable in the timing is completing the design and production of a new input switching board that utilizes LDRs instead of relays for input switching. The decision to go with the an all-LDR signal path is in keeping with our original LDR offerings (LDR1, LDR3 & LDR6) which followed this same design philosophy of no electro-mechanical relays/interfaces in the signal path.

What’s New with the LDRxB & LDRx?

Under the hood, both models will incorporate our 3rd generation LDR3x.V2 preamp controller board  together with several other key subsystems we’ve developed over the past year including an internal high performance hybrid linear power supply with multiple switch mode voltage regulators.

The V2 represents the leading edge of current LDR based passive preamp design including the new auto-calibration feature which ensures the long-term performance and value of arguably the best sounding high performance preamp technology available today.

A new enclosure design offers a whole new elegant contemporary look combining bamboo with brushed black anodized aluminum. Dual displays (invisible when off) behind a dark acrylic front panel inlay completes the new look.

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