ldr6 passive preamp front view

6moons Reviews Tortuga Audio’s LDR6 Passive Preamp

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LDR6 preamp front and rear viewsI’m pleased to announce that 6moons.com has published a very favorable review of our LDR6 passive preamp.

It’s quite an extensive review including background on its development and an in depth description on what goes into the building of each of our LDR preamps.

My favorite statement by the reviewer:

The Tortuga Audio preamp equaled or surpassed all basic performance parameters against any contenders I had in house, passive, active, tube, FET and at any price level with regards to faithfulness. That put the Tortuga Audio LDR6 into the position of personal benchmark as my current reference for accuracy. The top competition may offer equal or superior performance but that’s for the future to reveal. For now the LDR6 is my top dog.

LDR6. Top Dog. Sounds good!

Read the Full Review here. 

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