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How Docs is organized

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What is Docs?

Docs is Tortuga Audio’s online product documentation. It’s also Tortuga Audio’s only product documentation since we do not produce or offer printed manuals.

Printed version

For those who prefer a printed version, you can print out any section of the online product documentation by clicking on the Print/PDF button near the top of each document. There is no way to automatically print out the entire contents of the product documentation – you can only print out a section at a time. You can also produce PDF file copies.


Product documentation is primarily organized around the versions of core attenuator/controllers used in our preamp products rather than specific preamp models themselves. Thus if you own say an LDR300.V3 preamp, you would look for documentation for the V3 attenuator & controller. There are some exceptions to this. This will be become intuitively obvious to you as you peruse the online docs which can be found here.

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