The Case for Passive Preamplifiers

The Perfect Preamplifier If you read enough articles on high-end audio you eventually encounter the definition of a perfect preamp: no preamp at all. Just a short wire between the line source and the amplifier. Purity of audio signal maintained unsullied by intervening gear. All fine and good provided you live alone, have few neighbors nearby,  and don’t give a fig about going deaf. Let’s move on. An Active […]

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tortuga audio LDR6 passive preamp

Tortuga Audio Launches Website & LDR6 Passive Preamp

CAPE CORAL, Florida (October 1, 2012) – Today, Tortuga Audio launched its website/store ( highlighting its new LDR6 Passive Preamp. The LDR6 is the first of several high value audio products that Tortuga Audio plans on releasing over the next year geared towards discriminating music lovers interested in high performance 2-channel stereo audio. The LDR6 is designed around the use of audio grade light dependent resistors (LDRs) that are

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example of a digital wireless audio system

Digital Wireless Audio Rocks!

Wireless Audio At Home & Road In my view, nothing puts the sexy back into audio like digital wireless audio. Digital audio is the merging of computer technology and the traditional home audio system. Whether you have a $30,000 audiophile system or a $300 system-in-a-box from Home Depot, digital audio will get your audio mojo working again. Going wireless just adds to the fun, flexibility, and portability. The essence

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