ePotPi.V4 Max | Electronic Stepped Attenuator


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The ePotPi.V4 is a software driven electronic stepped attenuator and preamp controller, that when equipped with appropriate power supply and OLED display module can function as a  full featured, remote controlled passive preamplifier, and when equipped with an optional solid state buffer board, can functions as an active preamplifier. Like all Tortuga Audio preamp controllers, the V4 employs light dependent resistors (LDRs) as the sole means for for audio attenuation (volume control). No mechanical potentiometers or switched mechanical attenuators are used. The V4 represents the 5th generation of Tortuga Audio LDR based passive preamp attenuator and controller and builds on work that began over 15 years ago.

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Additional items

The V4 requires all of the items below but you can exclude some or all of these if you already have them and just want to order a "bare" V4 board.

  • quad ldr module2 - top view

    Each V4 board requires an LDR module.

  • OLED display assembly front view with cabling and encoder

    Each V4 board requires an OLED display. 15% discount on display when purchased together with V4 board.

  • Apple remote alternative | the "Function" remote

    You will need a remote control. There are two models to choose from. The Function remote is the better of the two.

  • Apple remote alternative | the "Nettech" remote

    A near perfect Apple remote clone but of lesser quality

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Grand total

Pay a deposit of $50.00 per item
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More information on each part of the V4 Max system can be found by clicking on the images or labels below.

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