tortuga audio LDR6 passive preamp

Tortuga Audio Launches Website & LDR6 Passive Preamp

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CAPE CORAL, Florida (October 1, 2012) – Today, Tortuga Audio launched its website/store ( highlighting its new LDR6 Passive Preamp. The LDR6 is the first of several high value audio products that Tortuga Audio plans on releasing over the next year geared towards discriminating music lovers interested in high performance 2-channel stereo audio.

The LDR6 is designed around the use of audio grade light dependent resistors (LDRs) that are used both as analog switches and as digitally controlled analog attenuators for volume control. The LDR6 accommodates 6 line stage inputs in a simple, functional, and distinctive enclosure with premium materials and components.

“When we first started working with light dependent resistors, we quickly became impressed with the exceptionally open, natural and transparent audio sound that LDRs can deliver compared to even the best potentiometers or stepped attenuators. We immediately started working on designs, testing protocols, and tools needed to deliver consistent and balanced high performance from these uniquely nonlinear components. We’re very pleased with the results so far and after 2 years of reliable operation of various prototype designs we decided it was time to introduce Tortuga Audio and our final design, the LDR6 Passive Preamplifier, to the community of audio enthusiasts,” said Morten Sissener, founder and President of Tortuga Audio.

Tortuga Audio is a privately held audio design development and manufacturing firm based in South Florida. It was founded in 2010 as a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing high value handcrafted 2-channel stereo audio equipment for the discriminating music lover. Tortuga Audio is committed to engineering excellence and to treating its current and prospective customers with fairness, integrity and respect. Tortuga Audio is also dedicated to manufacturing high value audio gear in the United States. To find out more, please visit

Morten Sissener

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Link to PDF of press release.



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