LDR3.V2 passive preamp front view

New Products, Pricing & Holiday Year End Specials

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As 2014 rolls to a close, we are pleased to announce the following expanded product offerings including the LDR3.V2 Passive Preamp plus year end specials and price changes.

New V2.1 Version  of our DIY LDR3x Passive Preamp Controller board is available for for pre-order @ $199 through Jan 5th ($259 thereafter).

Reintroducing the LDR3  in both a DIY kit version and also as a finished preamp with upgraded features.

  • Kit Version: LDR3V2K DIY kit including V2.1 board & enclosure for pre-order @ $699 through Jan 5th ($799 thereafter)
  • Finished Preamp Version: LDR3V2 Passive Preamp for pre-order @ $995 through Jan 5th ($1195 thereafter)

Holiday Discount & 2015 Price Increases for LDRx/LDRxB

  • LDRx Passive Preamp @ 10% off current $1495 price through Jan 5th with price increase to $1995 thereafter
  • LDRxB Balanced Passive Preamp @ 10% off current $2395 price through Jan 5 with price increase to $2895 thereafter

More details on all these items are provided below.

Recent Customer Quote

“Your newsletter prompted me to say a big belated “thank you” for making the very best preamp I have ever used. From tube to solid state, vintage Western Electric and Marantz to modern Cello and Krell, nothing comes close. My downsized system is unbelievably dynamic yet completely natural and without any hint of strain, harmonically accurate and rich especially with “challenging” brass and woodwind instruments, always happy to play back what it receives. My system has NEVER felt (and sounded) this good.” – Tortuga Audio customer

LDR3x.V2.1 Passive Preamp Controller

The V2.1 is an updated version of  our popular V2 model and as such is less about new features and more about refining the hardware design resulting in a more robust controller with the potential for improved performance. We were able to make these changes without raising the price ensuring that the LDR3x remains one of the best DIY values in a audiophile grade attenuator available today!

New aspects of the V2.1 that differ from the V2 include:

  • No piggyback auto-calibration board
  • 6 layer PCB board
  • Separate digital & analog power
  • Multiple linear regulators 
  • Bipolar voltage
  • Socketed Op Amps
  • No relays in audio signal path
  • All on board power fully regulated
  • Accepts broader range of  supply voltage
  • Slightly longer board but same mounting hole dimensions

Pre-order Pricing Special: The LDR3x.V2.1 is available for pre-order for $199 between now and Jan 5th, 2015 at which time it will be released and pricing will revert to the regular $259. More info on the LDR3x.V2.1 can be found here.

Reintroducing The LDR3

We are reintroducing an updated version our LDR3 model in both a comprehensive DIY kit version (LDR3.V2K) and also as a finished lower-priced LDR passive preamp (LDR3.V2).

The updated LDR3 models incorporate our latest V2.1 controller board including auto-calibration and firmware updates via a USB connection. The front/rear panels have been updated with distinctive materials/design. The LDR3 now also includes numerical displays.

The key differences between the kit version and the finished preamp product are summarized below.

Feature LDR3.V2K (kit) LDR3.V2 (finished preamp product)
RCA Jacks Standard gold plated jacks (upgrade optional) Rhodium over silver plated copper Cardas audiophile jacks
Front panel Smoke gray see-through acrylic Anodized (black or silver) milled aluminum with distinctive dark acrylic inlay window (optional bamboo in lieu of aluminum)
Input switching Electromechanical relay board with relays in the audio signal pathway 100% LDR switching board with no relays in the audio signal pathway
Audio signal hookup wiring Silver plated stranded copper wire (upgrade optional) Neotech #26 Ultrapure Ohno Continuous Cast solid silver
Display Single display module (upgrade to dual display optional) Dual display modules
Assembly Requires extensive assembly time including drilling and soldering Fully assembled and tested
Warranty 1 year warranty on key components Full 5 year warranty
30 Day Audition 20% restocking fee if kit returned 100% refund less customer cost to ship the unit back

Holiday Specials and 2015 Price Increases

Pre-order Pricing Special: Both updated LDR3 versions are available for pre-order until their release on Jan 5th, 2015. The kit version is available for pre-order at $695 ($795 after release). The finished version is available for pre-order at $995 ($1195 after release).

Upgrades to Existing LDR1/LDR3/LDR6’s:  Existing owners of our earlier LDR1, LDR3 & LDR6 models will also be able to have their older units upgraded to the LDR3 at a lower cost than the new model. More info on upgrading existing units will be available soon.

Price Increase for the LDRx and LDRxB: Our existing LDRx and LDRxB balanced passive preamps will continue as our high end models with their elegant and distinctive bamboo and aluminum enclosures, integral power supply, and outstanding performance.

Holiday Pricing Special: From now through Jan 5th we are offering a holiday discount of 10% off of both the LDRx ($1495 base price) and LDRxB ($2395 base price).

Price Increase: Based on demand and market conditions we will be raising the base price on both of these models by $500 each starting on Jan 6th, 2015.

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