V25 OLED Display Upgrade Service


Upgrade your existing Tortuga Audio V25 model with our graphic OLED Display, and take your preamp to the next level of ease of use and enjoy our new intuitive interactive preamp controller display.

The price includes all hardware and labor to perform the upgrade including complete testing prior to shipping your unit back.

Return shipping is included for US domestic customers however we do charge our standard flat shipping fee for international orders.

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How the OLED Display Upgrade Service Works

  1. You purchase the OLED Display Upgrade Service
  2. You ship your preamp to our shop
  3. We upgrade your preamp with the OLED display, and any other related harware
  4. We update your V25 with the latest stable firmware build
  5. We commission and fully test your updated preamp
  6. We do a live listening test
  7. When completed we ship your unit back

It’s that simple.


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