AudioCircle | LDR3.V2 – “blows me away”

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LDR3.V2 – “It blows me away. Easily the best I’ve heard.”

“What did the LDR3.V2 do for the sound? To my surprise, a sense of even more transparency. There are details in the midrange and treble that are just more obvious now. The treble seems more extended, but there was absolutely no change in tone. I don’t know why this is possible. I can’t perceive a lower noise floor. Vocals are even more realistic, and everything has increased texture and is more palpable. But the best thing of all is the increased speed of transients. Everything has an immediacy to it. This even translates to the bass. Kick drums have speed and an authority that is impressive. There is a tremendous amount of quick energy there that just wows me on many tracks. The music has real life and intensity. It blows me away. Easily the best I’ve heard. And I don’t perceive any loss of dynamics and any volume. “

LDR1B.V25 Passive Preamp owner

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