Firmware Update Service


All Tortuga Audio preamps models run on processors that are software (firmware) driven. We may on occasion release firmware updates that users can load into their preamps. For those who would rather have us update their firmware for them instead of doing it themselves,  we are happy to offer this service for a nominal fee plus our cost to ship the unit back to you.

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Background on Firmware Updates

Firmware is just another name for the software that runs our digitally controlled analog preamps.

Starting with with our V2 models, all Tortuga Audio preamps are designed to allow the end-user to update the firmware.

Firmware updates are usually associated with new features or improved usability but may also occur as a result of finding and fixing a key bug. Our V2 series firmware is quite mature at this point so frequent firmware updates are not planned or expected.

More info on updating your firmware yourself can be found here. 

However, if you would rather have us update your preamp, we offer a firmware update service that works as described below.

How the Firmware Update Service Works

  1. You purchase the Firmware Update Service
  2. You ship your preamp to our shop
  3. We open up your preamp & do a complete physical inspection and correction of any issues.
  4. We update the firmware to our latest stable build
  5. We run your unit through auto-calibration at the default 20k setting
  6. If warranted we replace any LDR that appears to be marginal or is preventing auto-calibration from completing successfully
  7. We do a live listening test
  8. We bill you separately for return shipping based on our actual cost to return the unit via USPS Priority Mail
  9. You pay the return shipping invoice and we ship your unit back


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