LDR Module


The LDR Module is a replacement part for the Tortuga Audio LDR Passive Preamp Controller board. It applies to all versions of our preamp controller boards starting with version 2 (the V2).

LDR Modules can be easily removed and replaced and plug into any of the four primary LDR locations on the preamp controller board plus also for input switching on the V25 board.

It’s important to orient the LDR Module properly. The white dot on the LDR Module should be the same side as the white dot on the controller board.

Replacing an LDR Module should only be necessary if the LDR preamp controller exhibits a significant permanent shift in channel balance or a channel stops responding to volume changes. If these problems can’t be resolved by running an Auto-Calibration cycle or if the controller board hangs during an Auto-Calibration cycle, then probably at least one LDR Module requires replacement.

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