Encoder Module


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The encoder module is a rotary encoder with integral push button mounted on a small PCB with a 4-pin header and an 8 inch 4-pin cable . It comes fully assembled and ready to use.

The pin header connections are labeled as follows:

  • A – leg A of the encoder (terminates to J2-EA on the LDR3x)
  • B – leg B of the encoder (terminates to J2-EB on the LDR3x)
  • S – encoder switch (terminates to J2-ES on the LDR3x)
  • G – power ground (terminates to J6-G on the LDR3x)

Alternatively, these same connections can be made to the LDR3x preamp controller board by connecting the 4-pin cable to the J2 header of a master Display Module (sold separately).

Please note that if turning the encoder clockwise decreases the volume rather than increasing it then just swap the A & B connections.

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