LDR3x.V2.1 Auto-Cal High Precision Op Amp Upgrade


We are no longer selling this item due to it being discontinued by the manufacturer.  Unless and until we identify a compatible op amp with superior performance, we will continue to use the LT1014 as our standard op amp for auto-calibration feedback.  

This is a high precision, low noise upgrade to the auto-calibration (auto-cal) op amp used in the V2.1 version of the LDR3x Passive Preamp Controller.

The current op amp upgrade is the Burr-Brown (TI) OPA4251 quad op amp. This is a very low noise op amps with 120 db power supply rejection ratio.

The benefits of this upgrade include:

1) Ability to power the LDR3x.V2.1 board with up to 30 VDC supply voltage (vs. stock ~12 VDC)

2) Improved overall accuracy of your V2.1 preamp’s attenuation and channel balance which is critical to sound stage and stereo imaging

3) Improved speed, accuracy and reliability of the auto-cal process.

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Please note that this upgrade applies only to the V2.1 version of the LDR3x Passive Preamp Controller which have a socket for swapping out the auto-cal op amp. If you attempt to retrofit this op amp into the earlier V2 version you will have to cut out the original op amp, remove the pins from the through-hole solder pads, de-solder the solder pads and solder the upgrade op amp in its place. Do not attempt this unless you are comfortable with this type of electronic component extraction since there’s a real risk of permanently damaging the auto-cal board and possibly also rendering your V2 inoperable.

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