DM1 Display Module


The DM1 display module has been discontinued and replaced by the graphic OLED display assembly. 

The Display Module (“DM1”) is a 1.8 inch x 1.8 inch, 2 digit, 7-segment numerical LED display board that can be interfaced with the LDR3x Preamp Controller Board to provide numerical/visual feedback of volume level and status of the LDR3x.

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What is the DM1 Display Module?  

The Display Module (“DM1”) is a 1.8 inch x 1.8 inch circuit board (1.55 inch x 1.55 inch holes – #6 screw) with a 0.56 inch tall, 2 digit, 7-segment numerical LED display that can be interfaced with the LDR3x Preamp Controller Board to provide numerical/visual feedback of the volume level and other status information of the LDR3x.

Ideally, the DM1 should be mounted on or just behind the front panel of your enclosure of choice. It is most attractive when mounted behind a medium to dark colored acrylic lens. No mounting hardware is included.

In addition to providing numerical display information, the DM1 provides a convenient means of mounting/soldering the IR Module (that comes with the LDR3x board) directly on the DM1.  Last but not least the DM1 also provides a convenient alternative means of connecting the Encoder Module to the DM1 rather than to the LDR3x board itself.

The DM1 connects to the LDR3x board (V2 & V2.1 models) via a single 2×5 pin ribbon cable (included). For the older LDR3x.V1 model, connection is via 8 female pin-to-pin jumpers (included).

The DM1 is powered by the LDR3x board itself.

While the LDR3x Preamp Controller board can be operated without an attached DM1 Display Module, we strongly encourage using at least a single display module in order to have a satisfactory experience controlling the LDR3x.

Single vs. Dual Displays

The DM1 system allows for either a single or dual display. Although only a single DM1 is sufficient for operating the LDR3x board, dual displays provide a more satisfactory user experience.

Dual DM1 Display Modules

With dual displays the user has more information available wherein the secondary (slave) module displays left channel volume and primary (master) module displays right channel volume. Dual displays also make it much easier to perform certain adjustments and maintenance operations including auto-calibration.

The secondary display will not work by itself and must be connected to the primary (master) display module via a 2×5 pin ribbon cable.

You can start with a single primary (master) DM1 and add a secondary (slave) display at any time.

Color Options & Brightness Adjust

The DM1 comes in blue, yellow, green and red. In our opinion blue provides the brightest and coolest look although some people find blue to be a bit too bold.

Brightness can be adjusted between 1 (min) and 15 (max) via the LDR3x remote control.

What’s Included?

  • Master Module includes ribbon cable for connecting to the LDR3x board
  • Slave Module includes ribbon cable for connecting between the Master and Slave boa

Please Note: Tortuga Audio does not provide any mounting fixtures, templates or hardware.

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