Tortuga Audio Newsletter – Spring 2014

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Tortuga Audio to Release LDR3x.V2 Preamp Controller on May 7th

Tortuga Audio LDR module
Replaceable plug-in LDR Module in the LDR3x.V2

With the imminent release of the LDR3x.V2, Tortuga Audio launches the most advanced LDR based  audio attenuator and preamp controller available today.

The LDR3x.V2 combines the extraordinary sonic performance of LDRs (light dependent resistors) with self-contained auto-calibration to ensure long term optimal performance and value.

Auto-calibration represents our third generation LDRx technology. You can read more about the evolution of our LDR technology in this recently published article. 

The LDR3x.V2 will eventually be integrated into all of our LDRx Passive Preamp products starting with the ridiculously long delayed LDR3B Balanced Passive Preamp which we are now targeting for release in June (of this year!).

Yes, but will it sound better? We think it does and attribute this to both an improved power supply and tighter channel balance from auto-calibration.

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For the DIY audio enthusiast, the LDR3x.V2 is currently available for pre-order at $199 (same as the V1 price) but once it’s released on May 6th the LDR3x.V2 will be priced at $259. The 23% discount pre-order pricing expires at midnight on Tuesday, May 5th.

You can pre-order the LDR3x.V2 via this link: [button link=”” window=”yes” button size=”small”]Pre-order the LDR3x.V2[/button] [/box]

Wherefore Art Thou LDR3B Balanced Passive Preamp?

LDR3B Balanced Passive Preamp - Front & Rear Views
Prototype enclosure artwork for LDR3B Balanced Passive Preamp

Our epic bit of vaporware (a.k.a. LDR3B Balanced Passive Preamp) resumes it long journey to fruition soon after the release of the LDR3x.V2 Preamp Controller. With a little luck and some wind at our back, the LDR3B may actually see daylight by the end of June. Promises, promises.

While we all wait for the vaporware to appear, here’s some definitive good news for all our newsletter subscribers!

All newsletter subscribers will receive an LDR3B Coupon worth 20% of the retail price of the LDR3B. The coupon will only be valid during the pre-order period only which will probably last for the 3-4 week period while the LDR3B is available for pre-order. You’ll receive an update on this via a separate newsletter blast once the pre-order period is almost upon us.

The Remote is Dead – Long Live The Remote!

The Apple Remote
The Apple Remote

Effective May 1, 2014 we are retiring our custom Tortuga Audio infrared remote and will be offering the simple and elegant Apple Remote instead.

The Apple Remote has been compatible with and able to control our LDRx preamp products since  Oct 2013. This was done largely as a result of numerous customer requests.

The conundrum with remotes is they’re both very effective yet annoying. Most of us really don’t want yet another remote to juggle. And custom remotes ordered in small quantities are rather expensive. So we opted to go with the Apple Remote which is both widely available and quite affordable.  Info on the Apple Remote can be found here. 

There’s more!

We are working on coming out with apps for both the iPhone and Android smartphones and eventually the iPad as well that will allow full control of our LDRx preamp products from devices with either built-in infrared or with infrared add-ons . With smarphones and apps becoming pervasive, the days of the remote will soon pass into history. We want to help that process!

The timing on coming out with our smartphone apps is very soft but we’re thinking “this summer” and will update you once that’s firmed up.

New DIY Product Offerings

Tortuga Audio is pleased to be expanding its product offerings to the DIY community with the release of our IO3 Relay Board and our PS12.5 Power Supply.

LDR3x IO3 Relay Board
IO3 Input Relay Board
LDR3x power supply - typical assembly
PS12.5 Power Suplly

The IO3 allows you to switch up to 3 audio inputs when coupled to the LDR3x preamp controller board (both versions 1 and 2) . The PS12.5 provides high quality, zero ripple, switch mode dc power for the LDR3x which allows you to take audio quality to the highest level. It includes numerous options to provide either or both 12 V and 5 V power.

We are avid supporters of the DIY audio community and want to encourage those who wish to try their hand at building their own audio gear.

Revised Warranty Policy For DIY Components

5yearwarrantyTortuga Audio continues to offer a 5 year warranty on all of our finished products including our line of LDRx Passive Preamps which currently includes the LDR3 and the LDR6.

However, effective May 1, 2014, the warranty on all DIY components will only be one year.

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