V25 download current firmware file

For V25 preamps Only #

The firmware file available below is for all V25 based preamps including those with the newer OLED display as well as the original 7-segment display.

Download this file #

Click on the link below to download the firmware file. Store the file in a convenient place on your PC and remember where you put it. You will need to find it later on.

The file itself is a text based “hex” file. It’s perfectly safe to download it. You can view it with any text editor or word processor if you’re curious what it looks like.


Now what? #

Now that you’ve downloaded the firmware file and have stored it in a known location on your PC, the next step is to upload the firmware into your V25 preamp.

You will need a PC and a special PC bootloader application to upload the firmware file into your preamp. Please refer to the section on V25 firmware updating for a detailed procedure on how to obtain the PC bootloader and perform the uploading.

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