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New online product documentation coming  

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One of our recurring challenges has been how to produce and deliver quality product documentation, i.e. user manuals,  while not actually publishing physical user manuals. I made the decision early on that we were not going to fell trees in order to provide physical printed user/owner product documentation to our customers. That meant we had to provide a high quality online alternative that served the same purpose.  

Aside from avoiding all the costs of paper, printing and shipping there is also the issue static obsolescence. Printed manuals are inherently static. Reality is dynamic. There are inevitable updates, corrections, new features, and sometimes just plain explaining some things better than before. A dynamic online product documentation system is the only way to go. And if someone truly needs a printed hard copy, then they should be able to print their own hard copy from the online information.

We’ve worked hard at this. I don’t think we’ve failed at it.  But I remain unsatisfied with the results. More recently we’ve explored an alternative approach that we’ve already started to transition to. 

I invite you to take a look at our new system which at present is only partially populated with content as we continue to update and refine both the structure and the content. 

Below is a link to the new online product documentation. Constructive feedback very welcome. 

New Online Product Documentation



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