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LDR300x.V3 Passive or Active Preamp  

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Hi All,

We are pleased to finally stand up the product page for the new LDR300x.V3 Passive or Active Preamp. What’s missing are decent product photos but those are in the works and will be available next week. We are accepting orders but will not likely be shipping units until the end of August.

I will be organizing a tour for the LDR300x soon as well.

While it’s the ultimate self-serving statement I’m really VERY pleased with the sound of this preamp. I mean I REALLY like it A LOT. I get distracted listening to it  here in our shop. No doubt in my mind the ePot.V3 is THE best attenuator/controller we’ve ever designed.

Here’s the link: [url] https://tortugaaudio.com/products/passive-preamps/ldr300x-v3-preamp/

Morten  :thumb:

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