Welcome to our new support forum!

It ‘s new  and a  bit lean but you can fix that. Jump in! Ask a question. Ask for help. Post a review. Let us hear from you. And thanks for stopping by.  We also have an a long established  forum on AudioCircle.com that has plenty of content and we invite you to visit us there as well.  – Morten

Visit our forum here as well. 

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[Sticky] Welcome To Our New Support Forum  

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Hi and thanks for reading the very first post on our new support forum.

We started this forum because we wanted to find a better way to support our current and prospective customers. We wanted a more direct, open and transparent support system that would allow us to share our conversations with the broader audio community.

We get inquiries from both current and prospective customers where good and useful information is exchanged but in the end there’s no convenient way to document and share that information. We’ve tried various customer support/ticket systems and while they’ve worked to some extent, they were closed one-on-one systems.

With this new forum we’re going to take a new and different approach and we hope you will feel comfortable asking your questions, providing your feedback, and yes, filing your complaints right out in the open where everyone see, read and hopefully benefit from an open and candid Q&A process. 

For those who already know us you may be familiar with our forum over at AudioCircle.com where we’ve been for many years.  We remain a committed supporter of AudioCircle.com and plan to remain active there. Meanwhile we invite you to post your inquiries here and look forward to answering your questions. 

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