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ePot.V3 Mini in a 6…
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ePot.V3 Mini in a 6 Channel System  

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Received an email question (see thread below) regarding the use of an ePot.V3 Mini in a 6 channel system. Here is my response. 



Thank you for your email.

In its initial release the firmware will not have the ability to gang these together for multi-channel use. However, that capability is planned and we are working on getting that ready. Not making any promises on timing but it is a priority for us.

The way it will work is only one V3.Mini (2 channels) has control – so only one remote. The 1st connects to the 2nd and the 2nd connects to the 3rd via a 2 wire serial link. That firmware is still being “cleaned up” and we are also still sorting out how best to best mount all 2 or 3 boards together as a package.

If you want you could take 3 V3.Mini’s and operate them together independently of each other….each with its own IR receiver module attached. They would respond to a single remote. However there’s a chance they would get out of sync in volume level. If that were to happen the way to re-sync them would be to run the volume setpoint down to zero and then bring them all back up again. When the data link is ready, that’s basically what that data link does – synchronizes the 2nd and 3rd board with the primary.

You could also set it up where each V3.Mini responds only to its own remote which would give you total independent control of each pair of channels but at the expense of having to juggle 3 remotes….ugh!


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On Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 7:41 AM —————— wrote:

Hello, I want to set up a 6-channel input and 6-channel output LDR preamp. If I buy 3 sets of mini kits, can I achieve a 6-channel input and output preamp? Do I need to buy 1 or 3 remote control To synchronize the volume?


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